1st annual Earth Day celebration in Sherman

SHERMAN -- On April 22, 1970, American took a stand against the destruction of our environment. That event gave birth to what we now know as Earth Day.

It has since become a yearly event around the world. Today, Sherman held it's first annual Earth Day Celebration on the Municipal Lawn.

Dozens of kids spent the day today sifting through piles of trash in downtown Sherman. But, there weren't any banana peels or coffee grounds on the lawn on this day. That's because these youngsters were taking part in the city's first annual Earth Day celebration.

"The idea behind the event is to introduce ideas practices and products that can reduce our bills and reduce our impact on the environment," said Amy Hoffman-Shehan, an event organizer.

One way to do just that is think differently about something we do everyday, driving a car. The North Texas Electric Auto Association came out to show off their completely electric car.

"100 percent electric no gasoline at all it costs about 1-2 cents a mile to drive the car," said John Brecher, President of the N.T.E.A.A.

Even paper shredding and recycling were big hits on Saturday. Wachovia Securities helped out by bringing a paper shredding truck, as well as a team of volunteers.

"We've probably had 75 different people stop in," said one of Wachovia's volunteers.

By the end of the event, an estimated 10,000 lbs. of paper had been shredded, and was ready to be recycled.

"The message is one that we need to take home that if we become more consious of the way we live and the way we consume that we can make a remarkable difference," said Hoffman-Shehan.

And they hope it's a difference felt world wide.

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