Obama's healthcare plan causes local tea party

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President Obama has been pushing for change to the nation's healthcare system, but not everyone is in favor of his proposals including local citizens.

Opponents are making their views public at tea parties nationwide.
Ed Popek has Medicare and he also has concerns about how President Obama's proposals could change his healthcare.
"My worry is what is going to happen to Medicare the shape it's in when all this becomes one big healthcare system, said Popek. “I am worried about the direction of this country, seriously worried about the direction of this country."

The plans would extend health coverage to the vast majority of the 50 million uninsured; require those without insurance to buy it; and give subsidies to low-income Americans to help them afford it.

Now, citizens nationwide who oppose those proposed changes are holding tea parties at their US Congressmen or Senator's office.

Congressman Ralph Hall has an office in Sherman and that's where several local residents expressed their opinions on the plan.

About 1.5 million American families lose their homes to foreclosure every year because of unpaid, high medical bills. Obama says he is trying to reduce that number and wants the Senate and House to pass the healthcare bill before Congress goes on its August recess.

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