No bond election on jail issue for Grayson Co.

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SHERMAN, TX -- The discussion and planning of a new Grayson County Jail has been going on for at least a decade, and the debate has raged for months about whether or not to privatize the facility that could serve the citizens of Grayson County for the next half century. But the most recent turn of events to affect the future of the jail, can be measured on a much shorter time frame.

"71 hours and 59 minutes, we missed it by one minute," said Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum.

The Agenda of the Grayson County Commissioners Court for Monday August the 31st, which called for the bond election, was posted outside the courthouse, at 10:01 A.M on Friday August the 28th, But since the meeting started one minute earlier, at ten on the dot, The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, or CLEAT, says all decision made on that day are irrelevant.

"We feel that their ability to make a decision under the 72 hour rule was violated clearly," said CLEAT representative Charley Wilkison.

CLEAT represents more than 15 thousand law enforcement officers in Texas, and more than a few in Grayson County.

"We are representing our members there, and a majority of the people that work inside the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office are members," said Wilkison.

Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum says the agenda was posted online before 10 am, but since no record of that posting can be found, the County must be held to the time indicated on the paper copy.

"We are in violation of the open meetings law, so all action taken in the August 31st meeting would be voided,” said Judge Bynum.

The deadline for placing an issue on the ballot was September 3rd, but the Meeting that authorized the addition of the bond to the ballot is now void.

“Therefore there will not be a general obligation bond election on the third of November," said Bynum.

Wilkison says that by delaying the bond election, more discussion can take place, and more residents can be informed.

"We think it is in the public’s best interest if there is a public debate and an independent look at all sides,” said Wilkison

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