20 dead animals found, others seized from shelter

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BONHAM, TX--When the SPCA rescue team arrived at Neely's Pet Place, they expected to find some thin and possibly sick animals. What they discovered was far worse.

"The heartbreaking discovery today was actually twenty deceased animals. One dead horse, that is actually just a skeleton, had a halter still around it," Maura Davies with the SPCA, said.

Many of the animals appeared to be suffering from skin diseases and mange. Some were emaciated, and many tied up without access to fresh water or food.

Just a year and a half ago, KXII visited Brenda Neely's Pet Place, when she took in 75 abandoned puppies found on the side of a road near Courtney, Oklahoma.

In August 2008, Brenda Neely, said, "Look at their faces, how can you tell them no. How can you not care? I mean these guys didn't deserve what they got put through. And we just want to make sure that never happens again."

But according to Neely's neighbor, Dee Barber, the conditions on Neely's property were far from ideal for those rescued puppies, and for the rest of the animals she kept there.

"One day I came by here and there was one laying here by their dumpster, dead. The others had sores all over them. Malnutrition. It was just an awful site to see everyday," Barber, said.

Maura Davies says the SPCA is involved in about 25 seizures a year. But, in all her time with the organization, she's never seen anything quite like this.

"When the wind shifts, you can smell dead animals from here. I've been with the SPCA of Texas for almost nine years, and I've never been so sickened as I was when I smelled the odors coming out of the barn," Davies, said.

A total of 64 animals were taken from Neely's property today, including 43 dogs, 8 lizards, two ferrets and a bird.

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