Gas prices could hurt Spring Break travel

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SHERMAN, TX - It might just be nickel, but tack that onto every gallon of gas and the change really adds up at the pump. With fuel costs rising five cents in the past week and demand also increasing, everyone will have to dig a little deeper if they want to travel over Spring Break.

Gasoline runs our cars, fuels our planes and empties our wallets. And whether we can afford it or not, everyone needs it. As of Monday, the state wide averages for gasoline in both Texas and Oklahoma were at $2.63 a gallon. And experts don’t expect that number to go down any time soon.

"Gas, I think gas shouldn't be as high as it is, because they make money at half the price it is now, they're still making a lot of money,” said Randy Mercer as he filled up at a gas station in Sherman.

Mercer said he's going to spend a chunk of his change on his family next week for Spring Break.

"We're talking about doing a little bit of traveling going a few places,” said Mercer.

But there's bad news for travelers, costs at the pump don't appear to be going down as we head into the travel week.

"We're seeing gasoline and diesel prices go up this week and we'll see it continue going up probably till the end of next week probably from the increased demand from Spring Break,” said Brad Douglass, of Douglass Distributing in Sherman.

Douglass said the high prices will most likely deter some people from traveling next week, especially by car. But he said it’s not just motor travel that’s getting more expensive.

"You also see it in the higher prices in the airline tickets also, so gas and diesel as well as jet fuel have all gone up with the higher crude oil prices,” said Douglass.

But some people say they’re willing to shell out the extra cash for travel if it means a vacation.

"Is it worth? Yeah I guess so... If you're going spend it on something you might as well spend it on the gas to get there, it sure beats walking,” said Mercer.

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