Movie in the works in Leonard, TX

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LEONARD, TX -- The bright lights of Hollywood have made their way to a quiet Texas town. A feature film.--set and shot in Leonard--has not only brought some well known actors and a professional movie crew, but excitement and revenue to Texoma. Maddie Garrett was on location, and brings us more about the film.

As the sun sets in the small town of Leonard, Texas, the lights go up to get ready for an all night shoot.

"It's been a lot of fun, it's really hard, we were here last night until two o'clock in the morning," said Cathy Gilbert, an extra on the film.

The movie, "Beyond the Farthest Star," is a unique story of inspiration and complex characters.

"It's just wonderful to have an opportunity as an actress to have such a complex character where I'm stilly exploring who she is and what her motivations are, it's fun," said female lead actor, Renee O'Connor.

"It's great, I mean this has been a great opportunity for me," said lead male actor, Todd Terry.

And it takes place right here in Leonard Texas, population 1,846.

"I think it brings commerce, it brings them notoriety, we are actually using the town of leonard in the story, " said movie producer, Benjamin Dane.

"Well this reminds me of the town that I first lived in, Mesa Texas, which at that time was about this size," actor Barry Corbin said.

Shooting on location is becoming more uncommon these days for a feature film, but producer Benjamin Dane said Leonard was the perfect fit.

"So we found this great little town and the people have been amazing here I mean they've really, they put out all the Christmas decorations, this is a Christmas film, they put out all the Christmas decorations they have kind of let us overrun the town," said Dane.

"Everybody talks to you, it's fun it's like being around a family, so yeah i love it," said Terry.

And everyone seems to be sharing in the spotlight.

"Oh it's just fun it's something different that we've never experienced before, and it's neat that they're coming to my home town and we'll hopefully see it in the big theater someday," said Gilbert.

Texas native and well-known actor Barry Corbin does have one reason why everyone should see the film...

"When we get this out, you need to go see it because you need to support film making in Texas because it brings a lot of money into the economy and it'll bring it into your pocket eventually, so ya'll support this deal," Corbin said.

Beyond the Farthest Star is scheduled to debut in theaters next Christmas.

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