Baggy Pants Trigger Protest

8-27-04 - Some parents at a local high school are fuming over a dress code enforcement Friday morning that targeted baggy and low slung pants.

Bonham High School officials rotated 200 high school boys through their cafeteria – forcing students to lift their shirts to find out if their waist lines were too low, or their underwear was showing. Students filed past a video camera and violators were forced to sign a form saying they would attend one day of in-school suspension.

As parents heard about the enforcement, they showed up outside the school to complain. Some said their child was humiliated, while others said it was ridiculous for the school to worry about baggy pants, when there are much more serious issues to deal with.

If students refused to sign the form, a campus police officer issued them a citation. Bonham police were also called in when students became disorderly.

School officials say they are justified in enforcing the dress code and students were treated fairly.

As for parents, some have already started a petition to take to the school board.