Accident injures Clark's BBQ benefit organizer

Joshua Eberharet

TIOGA, Texas (KXII) -- An accident at a wrestling fundraiser in Tioga to benefit Clark's BBQ Friday night saw the event's organizer transported to a hospital with an injury.

Joshua Eberharet planned a wrestling fundraiser to help those directly affected by a fire that destroyed Clark's Outpost BBQ in January. But when it was his turn to wrestle, something went wrong.

"He was doing a fantastic move, it's called the coast to coast," said event announcer James Murrah. "It's a very athletic maneuver where you jump from one turn buckle to your opponent in the other. It looked like he pulled it off, perfectly executed it. But unfortunately in his landing all his weight came down on his lower back."

Eberharet was flown to a hospital in Plano with a broken back and a fractured vertebra.

We spoke to Eberharet on Saturday and he says he'll need a back brace for at least eight weeks. But no surgery or paralysis just recovery.

Those in attendance Friday appreciate why he put on the event.

"It makes me want to cry," Janice Ledford said. "It really does. It means a lot."

We spoke to Eberharet before the injury on Friday about why he decided to give back.

"All the employees for the most part were put out and haven't been able to find job yet because unfortunately a lot of them above the age of were most people hire," Eberharet said. "But we're doing our best to try to get a little bit of something into their pockets and help them get some bills paid."

Janice Ledford is one of those employees.

"I've been going crazy trying to find a job," Ledford said.

Ledford worked at Clark's for two years and remembers all too well what she saw that early morning in January.

"And the flames were so high, there was nothing we could do," Ledford said. "The firemen tried, but it was gone"

With the struggles she faced after the fire, Ledford's life is starting to look up. But she hasn't forgotten about the job she loves the most.

"I found a job yesterday," Ledford said. "I'm going to work next Wednesday. But like I say when Clark's opens up, I'll give them my notice and I'm going back to Clark's. They know that."

"And needless to say it's been a staple here in Tioga, and they're going to rebuild again, it's just a little ways off," Eberharet said.

Owners at Clarks's hope to rebuild the restaurant by the end of the year or early next year.