Ardmore School Board decides high school principal's future

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ARDMORE, OK - In front of the packed Ardmore High School cafeteria the school board announced their four to zero vote about principal Kim Holland's future.

"There's been a motion to do not rescind, do not change the policy," said board president Willie Tiller, Jr. during the meeting.

Meaning Holland's resignation will stand. Sonny Bates explained the decision.

"As being EOE, equal opportunity employers and those types of things, it's best to follow policy," Bates said. "And there is a process. Rescinsion is not the process."

Board policy states that once the superintendent accepts resignation it is irrevocable. Holland had submitted his resignation in writing, telling News 12 he resigned over a difference in philosophy with the administration.His resignation was acknowledged at the March board meeting.

But recently Holland wrote another letter asking his resignation to be withdrawn, and more than a thousand people signed a petition to get the item on Tuesday's agenda.

Former coach and teacher Ronnie Tipps came and spoke to the board about why they should let Holland stay.

"Since he's come, he just more or less has changed the culture of our school and our community through his leadership," Tipps said.

Parents we spoke with said they disagree with the decision.

"I think it's unwise to have a policy that says resignations are irrevocable," said parent Terry Tolbert, "Sometimes they need to be revoked and certainly that's true in this case."

"I've seen Mr. Holland in action," said Judy Riley, who used to have children in Ardmore schools. "Mr. Holland supports not only the students, he supports his staff."

Bates said that Holland has the option to reapply for the job of Ardmore High School principal. For now his resignation is still final on June 24th.