Ardmore tops the list of Oklahoma's most dangerous cities

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- A recent report by a nationwide home security company ranks Ardmore at the top of the list of most dangerous cities in Oklahoma.

Home Security Shield says their "10 Most Dangerous Cities in Oklahoma" list is based off of FBI data, and the number one ranking, goes to Ardmore.

"We're on I-35 corridor straight out of Mexico. And as far as I'm concerned, that's what the major problem is," said resident Rita Myers.

Myers says she wasn't surprised to see her city at the top of the list and believes it's due to drug trafficking.

"And until they can get that under control, we're going to continue to have the crime rate and the you know arrests, the police out on the streets more than they should be," said Myers.

"I was a little shocked at first because I've lived here for 14 years now and I was a little bit astonished," said Jeremy Salinas, a senior at Ardmore High School. He says he's never felt unsafe in his city.

"There's nice people, a great community, there's a lot of things to do, but I don't think it's dangerous whatsoever," said Salinas.

According to the report, your chance of becoming a victim of a crime here in Ardmore is 1 in 14.

"I don't see any reason to panic yet," said Ardmore police chief, Ken Grace. He says the crime rate is due to the city's growing population.

"We're having a lot more people in and out of this community than we've ever had before and we're trying to do the same job with the same amount of officers," said Grace.

Grace says the stats could also be a reflection of inconsistent methods of reporting crime. "Not every police department reports every little thing, a broken window, like we do," said Grace.

Myers stated: "I don't go out at night. And you couldn't pay me enough to go to one of these stores around here at night."

Said Salinas: "I think the only way it's dangerous is if you associate with wrong people, but other than that, I think it's a pretty good place to live."

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