Ardmore city schools dealing with tighter budgets

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ARDMORE, OK -- Like many schools across the state, Ardmore city schools are being forced to tighten their belt as much as possible after last years five percent cut and then a similar cut this year. And administrators say the serious budget issue could get worse if something isn't done to help fund public education.

Just days after learning about a 4.1 percent cut to state funded public education, Ardmore schools have decided how it will affect their budget for next school year.

The board of education for Ardmore city schools decided tonight to keep the cuts in place that the district made last year to deal with the budget shortfall.

Last year Franklin Elementary school was closed and 27 teachers and support staff were let go, leading to slightly larger class sizes.

Superintendent Dr. Ruth Ann Carr says none of the positions that were eliminated last year will be hired back and they will continue to cut back on any expenditures that aren't necessary.

Dr. Carr says the district has been able to operate within their budget this year but she fears that may not be the case for the 2013 school year if they don't get more state funding.

"Hopefully Oklahoma will be able to do more for education next year than what we have right now," Carr said. "Certainly can't afford more cuts and if that is what happens then it will be extreme measures that have to be taken."

The board also announced that former Ardmore football coach Ronnie Tibbs will act as interim atheltic director and will assist in finding a new head football coach and athletic director for the district this summer.

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