Area kids learn what it takes to build their own city

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SHERMAN, TX-A Sherman city official spent his morning teaching area kids what it takes to run the city as part of Austin College's "Thinking Camp."

Seventy-two gifted and talented kids from Sherman ISD spent two weeks of their summer vacation learning about how cities are planned and built. Tuesday, they started constructing their model city with the help of Sherman Public Works Director, Don Keene.

Keene stopped by Jefferson Elementary Tuesday helping dozens of kids plan their city and even build skyscrapers! But he said he's most impressed with their curiosity.

"They're way further ahead in their thinking and I thought they were asking a lot of great questions," he said.

Keene said kids asked questions ranging from where to put ice cream shops to where it would be safe to build their homes.

"They really wanted to know, they kinda got fixated towards creeks, how close can you build your house to a creek. He really helped them understand that creeks can be problematic."

Austin College Associate Professor, Dr. Julia Shahid, said the hands-on experience is part of "Thinking Camp" and this year's theme was "The Built Environment: Then and Now" where kids learn what it takes to run the city.

"I think the kids are now saying oh this is not easy, but they've also become much more aware of what do they expect from a city and what would a child friendly city look like," she said.

All 72 kids participating are part of the Challenge Program with Sherman ISD they all laid down the blueprints and started building their cities from the ground up.

"You can see the light bulbs going off on the kids thinking, wow, we have to think about generations to come when we make these decisions and do these things because not only will this affect me but also people in the future," said Keene.

Keene said this forward thinking is promising for the future.

"They're already leaders and they're gonna become leaders in cities, they'll make our cities an even better place," he said.

Keene said he'll be back tomorrow to take a look at the finished model cities. Seven Austin College Graduates assisted in the program.

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