OSBI investigates fatal shooting at Bryan County home

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WADE, OK - OSBI say they're investigating the death of a Bennington man who was fatally shot at a house early Thursday morning.

Parker Tyson, 27, was armed with a handgun when he kicked in a door
at 14 E. Main St., according to OSBI. Someone inside the house opened fire, hitting Tyson several times, OSBI said.

Jessica Brown, OSBI spokesperson, said Tyson was flown to MCSO and pronounced dead a few hours later.

"OSBI agents were called in by the Bryan County Sheriff's office to help with the investigation," she said." We've been doing that all day, doing interviews, collecting evidence from the crime scene."

Neighbors said two people were home at the time - a man and woman. They said both are staying with friends for now.

District Attorney Emily Redman said the shooter claims self-defense.
It's up to her office to decide whether to press charges, she said.

Brown said she can't release details on whether Tyson knew anyone inside the home.

Law enforcement said Tyson had a lengthy criminal history.

DOC records show he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for a second degree manslaughter charge after he fled the scene of a fatal accident in 2008.

He was released in January of 2011 and was on probation until 2019.

Brown said they haven't arrested anyone at this time and can't release the identity of the person who fired at Tyson.

"Everything is under investigation," she said. "OSBI is still conducting interviews, still waiting on results from tests on evidence, so right now the investigation is still in the really early stages, and I can't release any more to you at this point."

OSBI will turn the case over to the district attorney's office, who will decide how they want to proceed.