Bonham hosts festival of flight air show

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BONHAM, TX-- If you're in Bonham, Texas, this weekend you might want to take a look up.

Dozens of pilots are making their way to Fannin County for the 3rd annual Bonham air show.

The 3rd annual Bonham Festival of Flight, aerobatics show is back in town this Saturday at Jones Field.

Kate Kyer, a professional pilot and one of the air show's organizers, gave me a special one-on-one aerobatics lesson in the sky, to News 12's Danielle King.

Letting her experience the basics maneuvers of aerobatics.

First she suited up. Putting on pants, a parachute, and a headset.
Then she gave her a lesson in safety procedures and how to properly pull a parachute.

You use both thumbs to pull the the way. She did loops, rolls, spins, and hammerheads.

Once back safety on the ground, Kyer explained what the public can expect to see at the air show.

"One of our big things we do is our veterans tribute and the last couple of years we've honored a couple of world war two veterans and we've actually taken them flying in front of the crowd and that just gives the crowd and the veterans a thrill," she said.

There will be free plane rides for kids age 8 to 17.
The Blue Skies Parachute team will be dropping in for the opening ceremony, and aerobatic and military planes will put on a show for the crowd.

Staci Murden, another organizer said she hope the event will spark the public's interest in flying.

"When your up there it's a break from reality a little bit," Murden said. "You know, your just soaring and you just have you time."

Over 50 planes are expected to fly in for the show, that begins around 11:30 a.m.

Kyer says the public should arrive early, bring lawn chairs and sit back and enjoy.

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