Coal County plane crash

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COAL COUNTY, Okla. - A plane traveling from Des Moines, Iowa to the Dallas Metroplex crashed in Coal County Tuesday night.

It happened around 9 p.m. near Highway 3 between Tupelo and Coalgate.

9-year-old Kodi Lewis said she was watching TV when she heard a loud BOOM.

“I didn’t know what it was,” Lewis said. “I just start crying, I was like, mom, someone’s here. It scared me.”

We're told the SR 22 Cirrus lost power and the pilot tried to land at the Coalgate Airport, but lost altitude and crashed into a pasture after deploying the plane’s parachute.

Lewis said her dad came home from a friend’s house when he heard the crash and grabbed a flashlight to check it out.

“My dad came back in and said, call the ambulance, it’s a plane crash,” Lewis said.

Her parents invited the pilot and his canine passenger into their home until the authorities arrived.

“The dog was up to my waist,” Lewis said. “It was big.”

The pilot and his dog were unharmed.

The FAA is investigating.