Congressman Ralph Hall skydives in honor of Memorial Day

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ROCKWALL, TX -- Congressman Ralph Hall celebrated Memorial Day Weekend in a unique way Saturday morning.

Hall who just celebrated his 89th birthday decided to take the plunge and go sky diving. The Congressman took flight over Rockwall jumping tandem with an instructor who is a grandfather himself.

Hall says the jump is in honor of all of those who have served our country. Dozens turned out to show their support for Hall, who is the oldest member of congress. After a brief free fall the pair came down to make a textbook landing. Hall, who was a pilot during World War II, was then presented with a pair of Jump Wings from Army Airborne Veterans. The Congressman says he enjoyed the experience

"I want to do it again," Congressman Hall said.

Hall faces fellow republicans Steve Clark and Lou Giglotti in the upcoming primary election.

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