Cosmopolitan magazine features Texoma woman's story of domestic abuse

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On July 13th of last year investigators say Joshua Mahaffey shot and killed Ashleigh Lindsey at a home in Kingston, then turned the gun on himself.

This story of domestic violence is featured in the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, and Lindsey's mother, Tara Woodlee, said the article shows that domestic violence doesn't really end with the victim.

"Because we were stalked and harassed by him as well," said Woodlee. "I got phones calls daily from him, constantly, text messages."

In January, Woodlee got a call from Domestic Violence Crime Watch that a writer at Cosmo wanted to tell Lindsey's story. That began a several week-long process that included interviews, phone calls, and research.

Woodlee helped gather the protective orders her daughter ordered against Mahaffey, and Cosmo deputy editor Sara Austin says those orders tell a story themselves.

"There were numerous times over and over for the crime to have been prevented," said Austin. "I think that's what dramatizes this issue."

Woodlee said these types of orders must carry more weight because lives depend on them.

"It can be more than a piece of paper if the authorities and judges take them more seriously," Woodlee said.

She said she can only hope her daughter's tragic story will inspire women to leave abusive relationships before it's too late.

"It will effect people so that they get out of that situation," said Woodlee.