Davy Jones gives final interview to a Texoma radio personality

Davy Jones (AP)
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ARDMORE, OK - A local radio personality spoke with Monkees
front-man Davy Jones just a few days before his death. Sara Humphrey sat down with the DJ to talk about what he claims was Jones' final interview.

The world lost a legend Wednesday. 66-year-old Davy Jones died of a heartattack in a Florida hospital.

The former lead singer of the Monkees had just performed at Winstar World Casino Feb. 19. Two days before the show Jones called in to chat with GTO 107's radio personality, Terry Bell.

"I am standing in the casino hallway talking to you right now," Jones said to Bell. "I am not reading off a script, my show is much the same, impromptu."

In the 60's the Monkees were a pop phenomenon, some of their hits include, Daydream Believer, Last Train to Clarksville and I'm a Believer.
They were often compared to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

"I love a good challenge, I always say, I used to be a fighter until after my first fight," Jones laughed. "All my fights are sponsored by budweiser."

"Davy Jones was from from Manchester and Michael Nesmith was from Texas and other two guys were from the US and they put them all together on the show and after they did the auditions because they were different personalities from different parts of the country and it worked," Bell said.

Bell said one thing that was very obvious in Jones' final interview was his passion to perform.

"Someone said [to Jones], 'Do you ever get tired of playing Daydream Believer?' and he said, 'No I dont get tired of singing it because when I sing it live I am singing it for the first time that who hasn't heard me sing it live,'" Bell said.

Jones said, "We sign their old albums and their old memorabilia and stuff, but hey you know you don't look at it like that, today is the only day in the rest of my life."

"It just gave me chill bumps when he said that!" Bell said about the interview.

Jones and Bell also talked about the death of Whitney Houston and Jones' plans to record new music.

A spokesperson for Jones said funeral arraignments have not yet been made.

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