Denison ISD implements new TeleHealth System

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DENISON, TX -- Denison ISD is one of two schools in Texoma using a new health system that will allow students to see a physician without ever having to leave the school.

Thursday, the Denison ISD School Health Advisory Committee got together to see how the new TeleHealth program works.

This new health system has already been implemented at all eight Denison schools and allows health care providers in Dallas to evaluate and diagnose students are sick through a video stream for free.

The only thing is to use the system, the schools need parents' permission.

Denison ISD's TeleHealth program will allow physicians from Children's Medical Center in Dallas to remotely diagnose and treat Denison students so they never even have to leave campus.

"Parents can stay at work and in a lot of cases, children can stay in school," said DISD Director of Special Programs, Brent Hoy. "So that's a benefit to the parent, if the parent wants to come down and view the TeleHealth visit, we really encourage them to do that but it's not necessary that they do."

Thursday night, a Denison school nurse demonstrated some of the high tech equipment.

"There's a camera, a screen piece, and the scopes on the unit," said Tamara Perry, Telemedicine Program Manager. "How it is with TeleHealth, any scope that you would be able to use in a clinical setting, you have that available for these units."

Students with minor illnesses or injuries from skin rashes, to earaches, and even strep throat, go to their school nurse, who will then use the equipment to help the physician diagnose the student.
The best part is it's completely free to all students, whether they're insured or not.

School nurse, Kathy Pryor, has already used the TeleHealth system with a student and says these program will help her better treat her students.

"This goes so much farther beyond that," Pryor said. "To be able to help them get the help they need. It just gives my job a broader base."

Some Denison parents say it's a great resource they plan to take advantage of.

"This right here is a great answer to those minor things that need attention," said parent, Jennifer Schwichtenberg. "It's a blessing, it's a blessing to have a system like this in place."

The TeleHealth system is also being used at Tom Bean ISD.

Children's Medical Center of Dallas officials say the program is paid for by grants.

If your child goes to Denison Schools and would like to sign up for the program, you can contact the school nurse to get paperwork.

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