Denison ISD officials say 164 STAAR tests missing

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DENISON, TX -- Some Denison students may be headed back to the classroom this summer after officials say 164 English I and English II end of course exams have been misplaced.

School officials also say the testing company, Pearson, is responsible for misplacing them.

School may not be over just yet for some Denison students.

Denison ISD officials say 164 English I and II end of course exams have been misplaced.

Director of Programs and Assessment, Brent Hoy, says they sent the tests to Pearson to be graded in late March and early April and had no idea anything was wrong until a month later.

"Friday, May 30th, some teachers and people at the high school started noticing that not all the students results were included in the documents they were looking at and so I began looking into it with Pearson," said Hoy.

Hoy says the company can not account for 48 English I and 116 English II exams, taken by freshman and sophomore students.

He says the district has sent out emails to those students.

"Sandy with Pearson says the box was received in a damaged condition," Hoy said. "She didn't say what sort of damage condition but that it had been received in a damaged condition."

Hoy says the district is working with Pearson on a daily basis to try to find those missing tests but if they're not found the affected students may have to retake the tests on two make up dates set for July.

Some parents don't think the students should have to pay for the mistake.

"A lot of people already have plans for vacations and stuff so in my opinion they should do it right in the beginning of the school year so they can have a refresher course and they don't forget anything," said parent, Gina Colucci.

"I would not be supportive of that because they already went to school and took the tests so they shouldn't have to be responsible for going back and doing it again," said Susan McCoy.

Hoy says if students have to retake the tests, those dates are set for July 2nd and 8th.

He says they've put a link to the TEA site on the Denison ISD site so parents can check to get a weekly update.

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