New Denison High School Plans

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DENISON, TX-- For the past 4 years ,Jamie Weems, has been teaching high school biology, and it's been in a portable building at Denison High School.

"It's hard to teach science, especially labs in the portable. Because we don't have any of the stuff we need out there. Anytime we do a lab we either have to do all the kids in the building or we have to bring all the stuff out to our classroom," Weems said.

But this won't last for much longer. The first pictures and video, of the new high school, came out this week.

The animated video shows the nearly 300,000 square foot building that will be built on Highway 91 and 75.

Dr. Henry Scott said they are ready to get the construction started.

"It's now ready to start the site work. And the construction will start sometime late summer early fall," Scott explained.

John Parker, an Assistant Principal, at Denison High School, has been working closely with the architecture firm and others to make the new high school meaningful to the community.

"We wanted to make sure that when this was built, that it held some of the cultural aspects of Denison. And I think when you see the building, you can see that it does do that," Parker said.

The building will be state-of-the-art. An auditorium, science labs, top of the line classrooms, and three new gyms, this and more will be part of the 18-month construction.

"I'm really looking forward to just having an actual science classroom, with the lab that we need," Weems said.

Not only are the teachers excited for the new building, but the community who has supported the school system.

"So to have a nice facility that will reflect the quality in that school, it's going to be a wonderful thing," Scott said.