Pit bull attacks Wilson woman

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WILSON, OK-- A 75 year old Wilson woman speaks out after being attacked by her neighbor's pit bull yesterday.

Mary Williams said she had just come back from the store and was taking groceries out of her truck when her neighbor's pit bull got loose and attacked her.

"I heard him, he was coming toward me viciously, I mean charging so then I said oh I jumped up like I was going to get in the side but I couldn't because he got me before I got up in there," said Williams.

Williams tried to get in the bed of her pickup truck but could not in time, the dog had grabbed her by her right calf.

"It was the most scary thing, well you just didn't know what to do, it was really hurting bad," said Williams.

Williams said she screamed and was fortunate that a neighbor was outside and heard her calls for help.

"And then the dog attacked him so he tried to jump the fence but he couldn't get over so the dog ran back across the street and he came on up there where I was and I said call the police," said Williams.

When Wilson police arrived they said the dog charged them and they were forced to shoot and kill it.

"When the officer approached the dog the dog was aggressive towards him so he had to put him down," said Wilson Police Chief Felix Hernandez.

" I don't have to worry about that dog anymore," said Williams.

Williams was taken to Mercy Hospital in Ardmore and needed 29 stitches to her calf.

"And I'm a survivor," said Williams.

Wilson police say they city will file a misdemeanor dog at large charge against the owners. They said the state health department will run a rabies test on the dog, the results should be back within a couple of days.

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