Drought brings out the bugs

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LONE GROVE, OK -- These hot and dry weather conditions are bringing in unwanted visitors to homes. Kristen Shanahan shows us who is trying to break in -- and why.

We aren't the only ones trying to escape the extreme heat and dry conditions. So are our "pesty" neighbors. Pest Controller Mike Burns says he has done his job for fourteen years but business has really taken off this summer as insects invade homes, seeking cooler temperatures and water.

"I have seen it the busiest I've ever seen it," Burns said.

Burns says they've seen problems with spiders, scorpions and hornets, but the most troublesome of all have been the ants.

"The ants are extremely bad this year due to the weather. The dryness, they're going to the sinks," Burns said.

Burns says a lot of outside watering will attract insects to your front door, and that the drought has caused creatures like hornets to resort to things like flower pots to quench their thirst.

And he isn't only seeing the infestation on the job, but at his home too.

"My wife watered and I had to treat the fire ants in the backyard."

Burns warns other people to take precautions to avoid these little intruders. He recommends sealing up holes or any openings where bugs can crawl through. And he has a piece of advice to avoid a certain type of sting...

"Now the scorpions have been bad, and what I can tell people--don't throw those pillows in the floor. Because the scorpions, if you have scorpions, can possibly get in the pillow and go back up on the bed. I have seen this situation," Burns warns.

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