Drug search warrants in Fannin County nets nearly 30 behind bars

FANNIN COUNTY, Texas (KXII) -- Nearly 30 people are now behind bars after law enforcement conducted five drug search warrants at several Fannin County homes.

Armored trucks and a heavy police presence were seen in Fannin County on Tuesday. Various police departments and law enforcement officials throughout the county conducted five drug search warrants in Bonham, Dodd City and the Boyd community.

"We had 35 arrest warrants issued dealing with 60 different offenses, and we have, to date, almost 30 of those people arrested," said Bonham Police Chief Mike Bankston.

Bankston says most of the suspects are local. In three houses, flash bangs were used to get inside.

"We recovered everything from methamphetamine, amphetamine," Bankston said. "We recovered some heroin. We even recovered a little bit of LSD. Spots where I haven't seen LSD in years. We've gotten close to maybe $9,000 in cash and like I said several weapons."

During their six month investigation, police discovered that several of the suspects are gang members with a history of violent crimes and drugs. That's why Homeland Security's Special Response Team got involved.

"We do not have a gang as far as we know operating in our area," said Bankston.

We talked to several residents who didn't want to speak on camera who say they feel a little bit safer now.

"I'm glad we stepped on it when we did, and we didn't let it get any bigger or were able to keep it from getting any bigger," said Bankston. "Hopefully, we've sent a message and we've put a dent in our drug problem in our area, not only in Bonham but Fannin County."

Bankston says he expects more arrests.