Durant ISD lets students bring personal computing devices to school

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DURANT, OK -- Students at Durant High School are allowed to bring their own computing devices following a new district program.

For the first time, Durant High School students can now bring their own devices, like laptops or tablets from home.

The new program went into effect at the beginning of the school year and officials say it will save Durant ISD money.

"The upkeep and the maintenance of those netbooks is tremendous," said Principal Cheryl Conditt.

The school has enough netbooks for every student, but say many kids will prefer the ''Bring Your Own Device'' program.

Conditt says it's slowly catching on.

"There are some students who have taken advantage of that, but still, the majority of our students still choose to go with our netbooks" said Conditt.

The principal says devices like an ipad are able to be used in class everyday, but there are only certain times that students are allowed to bring in their phones and use them in class.

"They cannot have it out during class, unless the teacher is using it as an instructional tool," said Conditt.

The BYOD program is starting at the high school, and will slowly be implemented in other schools.

Sophomore Christian Chaney says she's excited about the program.

"You can turn your stuff in whenever you need to, and you have everything right there on your device," said Chaney.

Conditt says Durant is the first district in Bryan County to use the program.

She also says teachers will monitor what students look at, so there isn't any cheating, and all devices will be connected to a secure network.

Denison ISD also has a similar program.

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