Durant art show honors former SOSU art professor

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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- Oil paintings were added to the gallery Sunday evening as guests arrived for the Minnie Baker Art Show.

Minnie Baker was a professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University for more than twenty years -- chairing the department.

"Some of these paintings are from 1920 forward," Dr. Gleny Beach said.

Dr. Beach is SOSU's current Director of Art. She says she's proud to follow in Minnie Baker's footsteps.

"She was a strong woman. She had to be -- a very strong and determined woman to succeed the way she did as an artist and as a professor and as a director, leader in her department," Dr. Beach said.

Among Minnie's paintings is a portrait of SOSU's only female president, Kate Galt Zaneis, which is typically on display at the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Not only did Minnie help pave the way for women at the university, she also inspired her student, Kathy Sturch, to become an art teacher herself.

"She cared about her students, she encouraged us and no matter how young or green or inexperienced we were, we were potential to her," Sturch said.

Minnie painted this portrait of her niece, Anna Headley.

"Even though I hated it when I was having to pose for all those things, I really think it is wonderful now," Headley said.

Anna and all of Minnie's loved ones say honoring Minnie with this exhibit means a lot to them.

"Oh, I am thrilled to death. To have a relative of mine that is so honored like this is just amazing to me," Headley said.

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