Early morning fire destroys boats moored at Pottsboro marina

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POTTSBORO, Texas -- Two 33-foot boats were destroyed Monday morning by fire at the Flowing wells Marina in Pottsboro, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

A Texoma couple says a 33-foot-long boat with a cabin was their dream boat, and the largest one they'd ever owned. Now, Grayson County Fire officials are investigating what's left of it...trying to find out what caused it to catch on fire around 2 a.m.

Guy Haskall says he was at the marina when the first boat caught on fire. "My boat was right next to it so my boat was next on the list I guess," Haskall said.

He says he and a security guard started cutting other boats free. "It was engulfed," Haskall said. He eventually towed the firey vessel away from the others.

The fire damaged multiple boats, including a 33-foot speed boat.

"The speed boat got damage to the bottom side of the hull," Grayson County fire marshal Kevin Walton said. "That's the reason why it sunk."

Walton says the owners of the first boat had winterized it, a process that includes installing heaters to keep the motor from freezing. "It Looks like it's going to be an accidental fire," Walton said. "The owners actually were doing everything right, they had it plugged in with some bilge pump heaters, was the only thing running so that's kind of what we're looking at."

Walton estimates the cost of damage to both boats and the dock will total $200,000 -$300,000.

"A boat is kind of like a house," Towboat Capt. Joe Winner said. "In this part of the country they have heaters, and sometimes those heaters will cause a fire."