Extreme heat and drought damaging homes' foundations

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SHERMAN, TX - Texas is coming off of its driest nine month stretch in recent history and the extreme heat and low humidity are wreaking havoc on foundations across Texoma. KXII talked to one local expert who tells us how you can prevent damage to your home.

With little to no rain in the last six weeks and the second hottest summer on record, the Texoma soil is literally crumbling beneath our feet. But, there are a few things you can do to protect your home from costly foundation damage.

"It can be extremely detrimental in some cases," said Steve Barbour, estimator for Powerlift foundation repair in Sherman. He says the summer is their busiest time of year, and that this year business is booming. "It's pretty typical when we get this dry we tend to see more problems."

Barbour says long periods of extreme heat and low humidity suck all the moisture out of the soil causing it to shrink and separate and that can cause a home's foundation to sink creating cracks in the floors, walls and ceiling that can only be fixed by expensive foundation repair. But Barbour says regularly watering your lawn or using a soaker hose for a few hours ever other day can help minimize damage.

Barbour says If you have cracks in your yard, you might not be watering enough which can lead to foundation damage and big bucks out of your pocket down the road. "It can be extremely costly. We do a lot of jobs in the 8 to 15 thousand dollar range. That'd be a pretty widespread average I would say."

Barbour says most homeowners insurance doesn't cover foundation repair which is why you need to be proactive in it's prevention. But if you do start to see cracks in your home it's important to have them looked at by a professional because if left alone they can eventually lead to structural damage to your home. "Anytime it's very significant it doesn't hurt to call and have it checked out. Especially this time of year."

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