FBI on Austin College campus Friday

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SHERMAN, TX -- Austin College students were shocked to see FBI agents on campus Friday.

In a statement, Vice President of Student Affairs Tim Millerick said, "early this morning the FBI informed us that a current student may have information that will help them in a broader investigation." He says the campus is safe and there are no "devices" on school grounds that would be destructive or harmful.

Raz Fyfe says the FBI was at his dorm, Baker Hall, Friday morning.
He says agents asked him some questions, but Fyfe did not elaborate.

"At the end of my interview I was assured that there's nothing, you know, not a big deal and that I could go back to my room and that I'd be fine. So it was certainly safe the whole time," Fyfe said.

School officials add that, "the College is in no way implicated or involved in the situation."