FBI raids Grant-Goodland Public Schools administration office

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GRANT, Okla. -- The Grant-Goodland School District in Choctaw County is under FBI watch.

School went on as normal Thursday in the small, quiet town of Grant, where the Grant-Goodland School District sits. However, things on the school administrative side did not.

Thursday morning around 8 o'clock, Choctaw County deputies were called to assist the FBI.

"This morning I received a call from an FBI agent out of Durant, if he could use a deputy to help them in serving a search warrant," Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park said.

That search warrant was executed inside the Grant-Goodland School Administration building, where we're told documents were seized by FBI agents.

"They were obtaining records and files, things, just as they did at the Swink school," said Park.

Last year, the FBI paid a visit to Swink Schools, where they investigated two district employees for embezzling more than $200,000 over five years. That school district is just 24 miles down the road from Grant.

Sheriff Park says the situation in Grant isn't much different.

Rebecca Mays has two children who attend Grant-Goodland schools.

"The kids love it here," Mays said. "Small classrooms, it's real good."

Mays says her children have been attending the schools for over five years now. Asked if an investigation would change her opinion of the school district, she says: "It might, but I haven't had any trouble. The boys are happy here."

While parents we spoke with say they're mostly happy with the district, they told us transparency remains a high priority.

"Yeah, I would like to know something," Zanetta said. "If there's something bad, yeah I would like to know."

We reached out to both the Grant-Goodland Superintendent, Buck Hammers, and FBI on the matter, so far we haven't gotten a response.

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