False alarms drop in Paris

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PARIS, TX -- False alarm calls in Paris have dropped after changes earlier this year to the city's burglar alarm ordinance.

Paris Police Chief, Bob Hundley, says the first 90-days of the revised ordinance has seen a decrease of 22-percent compared to the same time last year.

According to the police department officers responded to nearly 2,000 false alarm calls last year.

Hundley says fewer false alarms will help free up officers for real emergencies.

"The 30 or 45 minutes that we don't have officers on the scene, that equates to almost 90 hours of extra patrol time, preventative patrol time, or doing other things that need to be done," said Hundley.

Hundley says last year alone one business had over 130-false alarm calls. Since the revised ordinance no one alarm location has over five false alarm calls.

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