Fannin County residents upset over locked lake

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(FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS) -- Fannin County residents were shocked to see Lake Fannin suddenly locked and closed a few months ago. Today they say they just want their lake back and they're fighting for it.

Fannin County resident Cheryl Youree says "Lake Fannin isn't just some lake at the end of the sidewalk..for fannin county and for north texas it is an amazing historical treasure"

The recreational lake has been a key part of the county's history for 80 years, that's why residents were shocked to see a fence around the lake with a lock that's still on it today.

Tom Thornton says "very unexpectedly..someone went out there and said hey there's a lock on the gate and there's a sign that says it's closed until 2015."

The Forest Service says the lake is not closed forever..but, it's on probation until 2015 because of hazard trees that make it a public health and safety concern. But lake volunteers want the rights to the lake so they can restore the county's historical landmark immediately.

Volunteers with Lake Fannin are working diligently to restore the lake in hopes the Forestry Service will take it off probation since the county doesn't have the funds to buy the land.

Precinct 1 commissioner Gary Whitlock says, "I''m just trying to do the best I can to back those people and if we can, get this thing reopened."

Volunteers say until then....they'll fight on.