Officials investigate how a business in Sherman caught on fire

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SHERMAN,TX -- Officials are investigating how a business in Sherman caught on fire.

Wednesday, a furniture store in downtown Sherman went up in flames then collapsed.

"We received a report of a building fire at East Jones and First Street," said Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones.

Sherman and four other fire departments all responded to Furniture Barn around 4:30 after smoke was seen coming from the building.

Battalion Chief Donnie Glenn was one of several firefighters battling the flames.

"There was a little bit of smoke showing and a little bit of fire on one end and within about 15-20 minutes it was a full blown fire," said Glenn.

Glenn says the intense heat made the fire even harder to fight.

"It's taking a toll on the firefighters and that's why we called in extra companies from surrounding areas," said Glenn.

Fire officials say because of how much furniture was inside the building, it created that much larger of a fire making it exteremly difficult to put out.

"It's kind of like a resale barn; so it was packed full of resalable items, furniture, things like that," said Glenn.

Glenn says they don't know what sparked the fire and because of the extensive damage, it might take them some time to find out.

"This is a disaster man, seeing all that man I didn't realize," said local pastor Charles Leslie.

Charles Leslie is a pastor at Community Baptist Church, located just a few hundred feet from the store.

He and some church friends, along with volunteers from the salvation army brought wet towels to firefighters to help them cool down.

Fire officials say the owner had already left for the day so no one was inside at the time.

They say the building is a total loss.