Fish kill at Red River under investigation

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LOVE COUNTY, OK -- A popular Love County fishing spot along the Red River has recently become a fish graveyard and is being investigated.

"It's a sad sight," says Chad McMillan.

He says he's been fishing at Tucks Ferry along the Red River for close to 20 years, but this past weekend he saw something he's never seen before - hundreds of dead fish. He thinks the drought could be to blame.

"Lack of rain. We get a little water, goes into the lake, try to fill the lake back up," said Mcmillan.

"The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and Department of Environmental Quality are down there investigating it today, so, it could be a while before we know, if we ever know," says Wildlife and Fisheries Consultant Mike Porter with the Noble Foundation.

He says any theories about the cause are just speculation.

"A sign of bacteria, maybe something was dumped in the river, we don't know. We have no idea," said Porter.

And Porter says this isn't the first fish kill investigation along the Red River in recent years.

"There's been several organizations that have looked in depth at that, and nobody has been able to figure out really what caused it," said Porter.

He explains that any possible toxins that might've killed the fish, may dissipate very quickly making the investigation difficult. But he says there are a few possible and common causes.

"Dissolved oxygen, bacteria, toxins, and then man-made pollutants occasionally get in the water. Those are the three main causes," said Porter.

McMillan says, for now, he'll have to take his fishing to another location.

"It was a regular spot. Now we pretty much stick to the lake."

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