Gainesville High School senior is accepted into M.I.T.

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- The school year will soon be over and for graduating high school seniors its the end of a long road, but for one Gainesville student it means the start of a life long dream.

Alex Huerta is a senior at Gainesville high school and although he's not from a big city, he has some big dreams.

"I want to go into civil engineering. What got me into engineering is I'd go to the city with my parents, see the big buildings, bridges. I thought.."I want to build that," said Huerta.

And he probably will. After sending out multiple college applications late last year he's finally received some great news with an acceptance into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a number of other prestigious schools in the country.

"Some of the top schools I've been accepted to is UT Austin, University of Southern California, Vanderbilt, two likely letters from Yale and Columbia and just yesterday I found out I was accepted into North Western University," said Huerta.

Alex has also been offered a full tuition scholarship to U.S.C. and is up for a major research scholarship at Columbia.

Alex is a top student at Gainesville and is active in band, debate, and U.I.L. academic contests. He also belongs to the Cooke County United Way youth council.

"He's such a great role model to our students freshman to juniors of what you can become with some hard work and dedication," said David Glancy, principal of Gainesville High School.

"He was great. Alex was the perfect example of a student who knows what he wants and he's going to go after it," said Sonia Markle, college and career counselor at Gainesville High School.

Alex has not yet made a decision on which school he plans to attend in the Fall but he says he'll decide soon.

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