Gainesville hosts Medal of Honor Parade

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- The four day Medal of Honor Host City Event wrapped up this afternoon and the city of Gainesville wanted say thank you to the 21 Medal of Honor recipients in a big last time before they left.

Hundreds of people lined up along the streets of downtown Gainesville Saturday for the Medal of Honor Parade and one last chance to show their support for their military and some of the nation's top servicemen.

Twenty-one medal of honor recipients from around the country arrived in Gainesville last week for the 13th annual Medal of Honor Host City Event.

Hundreds of events are held around the country each year to honor our service men and women. But Gainesville is the only city in the United States that hosts an event celebrating recipients of the military's highest honor.

"We're all veterans and we understand what they did as MOH recipients...they just don't hand that out," said Bob Bourbon, a Vietnam veteran.

One Vietnam veteran is especially proud to see the community honor his fellow soldiers because he says it was not always like this.

"As a Vietnam veteran, young people didn't understand what happened to the Vietnam veterans when we came home. We did not have parades. We didn't have people welcoming us. This is fantastic. We're showing these guys we support them," said Bourbon.

Ira resident Eddie Puckett and his nephew Jet Tuggle have been coming to the parade for the last 3 years and say they've had a great time each year.

"Oh we really enjoyed it. I thought it was great. I thought it was great for us to honor veterans this way," said Puckett

"Yes I enjoyed it a lot," said Tuggle.

And although the four day event has come to an end the support and appreciation for our military never will.

"And all they want to do is come back and someone say good job. You've done a good job," said Bourbon