Gainesville will soon become a "Gigabit Community"

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GAINESVILLE, TX - City Council approved a measure that would place a fiber optic ring around the city, in hopes of not only increasing the city's efficiency, but they also believe it would be a big boost to economic development.

Thursday night the Gainesville City Council approved a measure they believe could be a game changer for the city.

"Tonight they approved a system that would create a gigabit community here in Gainesville Texas," said Barry Sullivan, Gainesville city manager.

A gigabit community offers cities, like Gainesville, a faster and more advanced broadband network.

City manager Barry Sullivan said the fiber optic network ring would wrap around the city and hit all of the major corridors.

"Highway 82, highway 51, I-35, California street and Grand avenue. That takes care of over 95% of our businesses," said Sullivan.

The City Council believes the new fiber network will attract businesses and help the community become more efficient.

"You're typical business here in this community may have a connection to the internet of 10 megabytes. The network that we'll build will have the capacity for a 1000 megabytes and beyond," said Joey Anderson, chief operating officer for Nortex.

City manager Barry Sullivan said that sort of network is attractive for businesses looking to grow.

"That is key to economic development now. People used to look at streets, water and sewer. Now the first thing a lot of companies look at is the communication infrastructure because that is more limited than streets, water and sewer in most communities," said Sullivan.

The fiber ring will connect six of the city's main buildings like the Public Safety Center, City Hall and the Civic Center.

It will cost around $525,000. The city will pay $425,000 and the economic development board will pick up the remaining $100,000.

Sullivan said there will be no need to raise taxes to pay for the project.

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