High tech van helps Denison with street repairs

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DENISON, Texas -- A high tech van has hit the streets and city officials say the new tool will help them tackle road repairs in the future.

The van may not look special but crews call it a game changer when it comes to street repairs.

The van is expected to solve Denison's pothole problem, an issue that surfaced after the floods last spring.

The van is equipped with lasers and cameras. It drives city streets and records road conditions.

Denison's Public Works department says this will help them prioritize maintenance for years to come.

City officials will get the results around January and will use the information to make decisions on how to budget improvement projects.

The crew inside the van map about fifty miles a day and they plan to finish the job in about one week.

The city contracted the van from DTSGIS and it was paid for by the 2015-2016 budget.

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