Vigil held for cold case murder victim Jennifer Harris

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BONHAM, Texas -- Fannin county residents gathered Sunday at the Bonham high school football stadium to remember Jennifer Harris.

It's been 13 years since her murder, but Harris' family hopes keeping her case in the public eye will eventually bring them answers, justice, and closure.

Oh I can remember it like it was yesterday," Harris' cousin Jeff Schneider Jr. said. "My dad got the call and said there's a body in the river. of course we all tried to stay positive, but we knew."

An autopsy report revealed her uterus had been removed.

"There's a murderer that lives here in Bonham," Schneider said. "And history can and will repeat itself. We don't want to see anyone else lose someone they love like we did."

The investigate show Cold Justice reached out to the Harris family. And is interested in trying to help solve Jennifer's case. Fannin County Sheriff Donnie Foster initially denied their request for cooperation, but has now agreed to meet with producers of the show.

"Eventually this case will be solved and the murderer brought to justice," Jennifer's father, Jerry Harris said.