Joshua Scott given life sentence in Marshall County murders

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A man who pleaded guilty to murder earlier this year will spend the rest of his life in prison.

That's the sentence a Marshall County judge handed down to Joshua Scott Wednesday.

Friends and relatives of Joshua Scott, as well as families of murder victims, Chad page, Ashleigh Lindsey, and her unborn baby, filled the Marshall County courthouse Wednesday afternoon.

"It was a moment that I needed. I needed to be able to look him in the face and tell him how I felt about everything he had done. Not only to Ashleigh but to our family." said Ashleigh's mother, Tara Woodlee.

After hours of witness testimony, including that of Woodlee, the judge sentenced Joshua Scott to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

"Mostly I was able to say my peace and look him in the face and let him know um I was not afraid I was there to be sure that he would never harm anyone again.", said Woodlee.

In October, Scott entered a plea of no contest to three first degree murder charges.

Prosecutors claimed in July of 2012 Scott killed Chad Page, stole his car, then drove Joshua Mahaffey to a home in Kingston where Scott's ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh Lindsey, was staying.

They say Scott gave Mahaffey the gun Mahaffey used to kill Lindsey, and himself.

Defense Attorney Eric Jones says while he was pleased to get the death penalty off the table he understands the impact this tragedy has on so many people.

Jones said, "The thing that was disturbing was to listen to all the victim's impact statements. You realize how horrible all of this really was."

Woodlee says with today's sentencing she can finally turn her full focus to helping other domestic violence victims, like her daughter, with what she has named "Ashleigh's patience project.

"For me it will be a way to extend out hope and love to other women and Ashleigh's legacy carries on in that manner." said Woodlee.