Scott pleads not guilty, state to seek death penalty in Marshall Co. triple murder

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MADILL, OK - Not guilty. That's the plea Joshua Scott entered at his formal arraignment Wednesday morning.

He is charged with the murder of three people. One of them is Tara Woodlee's daughter, Ashleigh Lindsey. Woodlee was among the family members of the victims who filed into the courtroom one-by-one.

"I just have a lot of faith in God that he will provide justice for my daughter," said Woodlee. "And I want to see justice done for her and her baby."

Deputies say on July 13th Scott shot and killed Chad Page, stole his car, then picked up his friend Joshua Mahaffey. Scott drove Mahaffey to Mahaffey's ex girlfriend, Ashleigh lindsey's home.

There, they said Mahaffey killed Lindsey and her unborn baby, then himself.

They said Scott gave Mahaffey the gun used in the crimes.
The state said Scott faces three counts of first degree murder,
for which they'll seek capital punishment if he's convicted.

"It's called a Bill of Particulars and it's a document that was filed in the case," said district attorney Craig Ladd. "It sets forth exactly why we believe the death penalty would be appropriate in this case."

The Bill of Particulars was filed this past Friday and cites two reasons for seeking the ultimate punishment.

The document states that Scott "created a great risk of death to more than one person" and that there's a possibility of Scott being a future threat to society.

Woodlee said this is the first step toward justice for the victims.

"I just want to see the court prosecute him to the fullest extent of whatever the law says," she said.