After attack, pitbull owner speaks out

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DENISON, TX - Last night we told you about a family who says a neighbor's pit bull came into their home and killed their pet chihuahua, as it tried to defend a 5 year old girl. Police impounded the pit bull, but later give it back to its owner because it hadn't harmed a person. The owner was given 3 citations including harboring a vicious animal, but tonight, as Jalah Gray show us, the pit bull's owner is defending his dog.

"My dog is not a vicious dog, she's a family pet, she is the gentlest dog there is."

Shannan Smyithe says he was shocked when he came home Tuesday afternoon to find a mob of people on his front lawn.

"When I came home, that's when I noticed all these people at my front door, they were calling 911." said Smyithe.

Smyithe says when police showed up, he was told his 2 year old pit bull, Sadie, had gotten loose from her harness and attacked and killed a chihuahua inside a neighbor's home.
The chihuahua's owner says the pit bull was charging at their 5 year old girl when the chihuahua jumped in between to protect her.

"I'm very sorry that that dog died, if the child got mauled or hurt, then I'm pretty sure I'd be locked up right now and my dog would be dead." Smyithe said.

Denison Police Lieutenant Mike Eppler, says Smyithe will have to appear in court where a judge will determine what happens next.

"On the harboring a vicious animal, what will happen is there will be what we call a show cause hearing set up for the judge to determine whether or not the animal is a vicious animal." Lieutenant Eppler said.

Smyithe says he doesn't believe his dog ran inside his neighbor's home.
He says he's seen the chihuahua in the yard without a leash on several occasions while walking his pit bull.

"I think it was more when they opened the door, the Chihuahua ran out and saw Sadie, barked at her, and tried to go after Sadie, and you know a dog being a dog, she tried to defend herself." said Smyithe.

Smyithe says his Pit Bull has always been great with kids.

"Sadie is a family pet, you could bring 4 to 10 kids here and everyone of them she'd jump up on them and lick them to death." Smyithe said.

If a judge finds Smyithe guilty of harboring a vicious animal, he will be fined, and the dog could be put down.
No court date has been set yet.

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