Lake Texoma continues to rise

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LAKE TEXOMA -- Texomans were still traveling to the Spillway by the dozen Monday to see water from Lake Texoma flowing over it for the fourth time in history.

"This is incredible. I've never seen it like this," said Rosanne Ramsey.

For some, the sight is a first. For others, it's a tradition, "It's only supposed to be every hundred years, and we've seen it three times. And now he's [Grandson] got his first one in," said Randy Taylor.

The Lake has only topped the Spillway three other times. The first in 1957, then 1990, last in 2007, and now, Memorial Day weekend, 2015.

In 1990 the lake reached it's highest elevation ever at 644.76 feet.

By 5 p.m. Monday it was 642.31 feet, inching closer to surpassing the record set in 1990.

"With all the rain coming, it might," said Taylor.

"I think it'd be amazing, I bet we'll be back out here to see it," said Ronnie Ramsey.

The Army Corps of Engineers says both hydro-power generators are operating at full capacity. They also decided to partially open all of the flood gates, releasing 36,000 cubic feet of water from Lake Texoma by the second. They predict the water will rise to 642.7 feet by Friday, but that is without any additional rainfall.

On Monday, a reported 1.4 inches of rain fell in Lake Texoma's watershed area.

The Army Corps of Engineers says there are no immediate plans to change the amount of water being released.

An estimated 18,500 cubic feet of water was flowing over the Spillway at 5 p.m. on Monday. That estimate changes with elevation.

State Highway 91 remains shut down because of flooding at Shawnee Creek.

News 12 will continue to monitor the Lake level, and flooding in the area.

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