Lake Texoma could eclipse spillway again

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With more rain in the forecast this week, Lake Texoma could make history again by going over the spillway for the second time in a month.

"This is a historic event," Mead, Okla. resident Mary Campbell said. "It's pretty awesome. I've been out here taking pictures."

Campbell has been documenting the spillway, so she can send pictures to her brother who lives on the East Coast. "They've got the Atlantic Ocean, but they don't have this," she said.

Paul Balkenbush with the US Army Corps of Engineers... says about a quarter million gallons per second of water... is being released from the lake.

But, Lake Texoma is expected to get swamped with even more rain this week. "If that rain is realized," Balkenbush said, "we definitely anticipate Lake Texoma will come up."

Balkenbush again warned to not drive into flooded areas, like we saw this driver doing. "You put yourself and the first responders at risk and it really distracts from our ability to maintain our flood control mission," he said.

Denison Assistant Fire Chief Bill Ray said if you find yourself trapped in a vehicle, stay in it unless water is rising inside. Fire officials say have an escape route, and a go-bag with survival essentials. "They find themselves trapped and some of them don't make it through it," Ray said.

And if your home is flooding? "First thing you want to do is call 911 and advise us that's what's taking place so we can come out and do a rescue," Ray said.

It's advice Mary isn't taking lightly. "My water comes from a well," Campbell said. "If the electricity goes out, I have bottled water. My horse lives in a pasture in Colbert, his trough is kept full."

And Ray wants to remind people that 911 is for emergencies only, and that he can't stress enough that road barriers are not up to be a nuisance but rather to save lives.

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