Lake Texoma to crest as water levels rise

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DENISON, TX-- Lake Texoma has seen a record setting year topping the spillway two times in less than a month, but could we see another record broken.

Five times in 58 years, two of those times in the last month. That's how many times Lake Texoma has gone over the spillway. John Hollway saw it go over the first time, back in 1957, when he was 11.

"Back then they said it was only suppose to happen once in a life time," said Holloway. "I guess that mean's I have lived for five lifetimes."

But the rising levels are taking a toll on marinas. Highport's General Manager Brian Keelan says they were planning to reopen the fuel docks, that have been closed for more than four weeks, but with the water still rising, they decided not to.

"Now that it has come back, and back to its record level again, that has set us back significantly probably two or three weeks on the preparation that we were making to reopen," said Keelan.

Due to record rainfall totals in Gainesville at the Red River and in Dickson at the Washita the lake will continue to rise. The Army Corps says their model prediction shows it will crest at 645.7 feet by Monday.

"I think the key word about our model prediciton is the word prediction," said Paul Balkenbush with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Right now, the Corps doesn't believe the lake will rise above the current record elevation of 645.72 feet.

"We believe we will be somewhere in the 645 range by Monday morning," said Balkenbush. "But there is no prediction right now that it will eclispe the record we set on June 1st."

Highport Marina has moved their offices to Tanglewood Crossing and their RV lot. They hope in the next two weeks they can assess the damage and open the fuel docks.