Love County Sheriff speaks out on Molly Miller & Colt Haynes case

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LOVE COUNTY, OK -- The Love County Sheriff is speaking out in response to allegations, that he knew about physical evidence regarding a missing persons case, and did nothing about it.

Carter County residents Molly Miller and Colt Haynes have been missing since the summer of 2013.
Earlier this year, Miller's family hired a private team, Klein investigators, to continue the search.
in July, District Attorney Craig Ladd requested the OSBI open a full investigation into the disappearance and possible homicides of Miller and Haynes.

"We believe that through witness testimony and evidence that we've uncovered, that the homicide happened in split instants. It wasn't a planned out thing. There were drugs involved, there was guns involved," said Klein.

Lead investigator, Philip Klein, believes the murder weapons used were a pistol and a machete, found by law enforcement last Fall, at a residence in Love County, bearing a substance that he says, resembles dried blood.

"I believe in the next 6 weeks we should have some affirmative answers on the DNA," said Klein.

Klein says a witness claims the mother of one of the persons of interest took the gun and machete to a friends house and that the Love County Sheriff's office was notified at that time.

"According to the evidence that we have and the witness statements we have, she took it to a third party's house and told that third party that the Sheriff of Love County knew about the gun and he asked that it be kept at that residence," said Klein.

Sheriff Joe Russell says, "I had never been notified of no machete or no gun and if we would've been notified that they was there, we need to go pick them, first thing I would've done, I would've contacted the chief of police of Wilson, Oklahoma."

Klein said, "It's like they don't care that Molly and Colt are missing. It's like it's 'oh well it's somebody else's problem.'"

Sheriff Russell said, "Every time I try to do something on the investigation, I was accused of trying to cover something up, so I just took myself out of action. If I get a tip of any kind I call OSBI."

Love County Sheriff, Joe Russell, says he doesn't know whether Miller and Haynes are still alive, but hopes for the best, for everyone involved.

Russell said, "You know not just there family needs closure, my kinfolks, they need closure too, 'cause they don't know what happened to them either."

Klein says he believes closure will come soon, as evidence continues to be uncovered.

"I can't say this any more clear than this: now is your time. If you know something, you better say something," said Klein.

Klein says anyone with a tip on the case, should contact the Molly Miller hotline number: 580-798-8157.

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