Dog thrown off bridge finds a forever home

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Her name is Miracle, and those who care for her say she is exactly that.

Back in February, authorities say an 18-year-old threw the two-year-old Pit bull off a 30 foot bridge near Boswell while another teen shot this video.

The 18-year-old received a four year deferred sentence for felony animal cruelty.

Atoka Veterinarian, Dana Harvey, has been caring for her ever since.

"Miracle is doing really good and she is ready to be adopted to a home," Harvey said. "In fact the lady is coming on Saturday to pick her up and take her home. Her limp is almost completely gone and her side has healed from the laceration, and she's doing really really well."

Harvey says the whole staff at the All Animal Vet Clinic has grown to love her. She says after we aired Miracle's story, they got calls from all over asking to adopt her.

"We had calls from California, London, England, as well as locally," Harvey said. "We had people from all over Oklahoma calling and asking about her."

Of the waiting list of over 50 people, Shelley Russell from Durant, gets to take Miracle home on Saturday.

"She's gonna have a loving home, a forever home," Russell said. "I'm gonna give her the best possible life she could ever think of."

Russell says she even wants to train Miracle to be a therapy dog.

"I just feel like she got a second chance and she can show them that there's hope for them, and comfort them," Russell said. "They can have a second chance too."

Russell says she has set up a Facebook page for Miracle for those who want to keep updated.

You can follow Miracle at

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