Man arrested for criminal mischief after driving car into Sherman mall

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SHERMAN, TX -- The man involved in driving his SUV through glass doors at Midway Mall last Friday has been taken into police custody.

Mall Manager Tabetha Snow says mall workers have been on edge the past week.

"Now I'm even looking at everybody and saying why do you have your hoodie and sunglasses on in here," Snow said. "We've got to be just as safety pre-cautious here as they are in New York city I guess."

On Wednesday Sherman Police arrested 53-year-old Edwin Scott Goodwater for criminal mischief.

They say he's the man who drove an S-U-V into a mall entrance last Friday.

Snow said run-ins with Goodwater didn't start Friday.

"We had been having issues with him all week long," she said.

Mall officials say Goodwater had been going into different department stores and asking them to buy various items. One of which was the camera - which he claimed mall security took from him.

And Friday morning Snow said Goodwater showed a clerk his fingernails.

"which had melted plastic added to them to make them pointy. And he demonstrated how sharp they were, and said he was going to gouge someone's eyes out with them," she said.

herman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton credits the quick work of mall security for taking Goodwater down before the situation got worse.

"Given what's going on in America, that's one of the things people think about, is someone driving through here to kill people?"

His bond has been set at $200,000.

If convicted he faces up to two years in jail.

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