Man charged with three counts of murder in Marshall Co. tells his side of the story in letter to the judge

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- Johsua Scott is charged with killing Chad Page, Ashleigh Lindsey and her unborn baby in July of 2012. He was sentenced on December 11th to life in prison, but filed a motion to pull his blind plea of "no contest" last week. In a letter to the judge, before his sentencing, he describes in his own words the events leading up to the killings. However, Lindsey's mother says a lot of what Scott claims is false.

In a 16 page letter, written to Judge Wallace Coppage, Scott describes in detail the events he claims led up to the deaths of Chad Page, Ashleigh Lindsey and her unborn baby.

In the document, Scott writes that he and his mother's "ex-boyfriend", Chad Page, drove to Fobb Bottom to talk about the couple's relationship. Scott claims the conversation got heated and he says he was "terrified for (his) life" after seeing Page had a knife. Scott says he took a gun from his pocket and shot Page and during a struggle shot him again. Then he writes, "I one hundred percent regret what I did next. Sir, I then proceeded to pull the trigger a third time to end his misery".

"It came out in court that he shot him four times and it came out in court that the pocket knife that he claimed he was threatened or scared by was folded up in Chad's pocket," Woodlee said.

Ashleigh Lindsey's mother Tara Woodlee says Scott's account does not match the evidence.

"He shot Chad in the eye and in the mouth the last two final shots and Chad could have survived the other shots. So I don't see how that was helping him put him out of his misery. I think it was cold and calculated," Woodlee said.

According to Scott, after he killed Page, he called his best friend Joshua Mahaffey -- Lindsey's ex-boyfriend. Scott says Mahaffey told him to drag the body off and to come get him in Texas.

"If he would have not called Mahaffey. If he would have just, you know, taken responsibility for what happened with Chad, or whatever, then Ashleigh wouldn't be dead today," Woodlee said.

The next day, Scott says he took Mahaffey to a home in Enos, where Lindsey was staying. Scott claims he "in no way had any way or Idea of what was going to happen", but Lindsey's mother does not buy it.

"I think they planned it. They had been stalking her for a month and a half, the two of them," Woodlee said.

Investigators say Mahaffey shot Lindsey with the gun given to him by Scott. Then Mahaffey killed himself.

In the letter, Scott says "Ashliegh was like a sister to me", but Woodlee says if Scott were a friend he would never have let her get hurt.

"He watched her be raped, and not do anything, you know the list is horrifying of the things he watched. So I don't understand how he figured that when he took Mahaffey over there that Mahaffey wasn't going to do anything physically violent to her," Woodlee said.

Toward the end of the letter Scott writes to the judge "Sir, I want to let you know that I am full of remorse and am very sorry for what happened."

We have yet to hear back about a hearing date to consider Scott's request to withdraw his plea.