Miranda Lambert and Okla. Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb receive Friend of Tourism award

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SULPHUR, OK -- From resorts and casinos to clothing boutiques and state parks, south central Oklahoma knows how to attract tourists.

And on Wednesday, country music star, Miranda Lambert, and Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb, were honored with the "Friend of Tourism" award at the annual Chickasaw County Marketing Association meeting at the Artesian hotel in Sulphur.

"Lieutenant Governor Lamb has just been a champion for us in the industry," Kim Little, Executive Director of the Chickasaw Country Marketing Association, said. "A lot of issues that get brought up, we'll go to him to give us advice and counsel on and he'll go to bat for us. And then Miranda, it's just her commitment to the industry and the draw she's brought to the area.

Lamb currently serves as chairmain of the Tourism Commission and says it's important for the state economy to make sure there are plenty of attractions for Oklahomans, as well as out of state visitors, to come and enjoy.

"Tourism is the third highest grossing revenue stream for our state. It's a big deal," Lamb said. "It allows us as citizens to enjoy Oklahoma, and brings out of staters into oklahoma to spend their money, their hard earned money in Oklahoma, which is always a good thing."

Little says Lambert's local business, The Pink Pistol, already draws many out of staters since she does not have an online store.

"The philosophy at the Pink Pistol is that she wants people to drive to Tishomingo, which means if they drive they have to go through a lot of other communities to get there. They can shop in her store, but they're not allowed to order anything online so that just drives a lot people out to the region."

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